Black Blue Bloods

Family history is like a puzzle sometimes. There can be many pieces to put together. If you study everyone else’s family history in America but your own, you will never see the complete picture. To fully engage in humanity and be whole, it is important you “Know Your Legacy!” Writing my historical non-fiction book, Black Blue Bloods. Legacy Of an African-American Plantation Owner, helped me put together a puzzle over 200 years old. It took me on a journey that would change my mind, soul, and heart about race, politics, money, and God forever. In a karmic chain of events, I came full circle with the stories and recorded history of the African-American Saxons and the Anglo-Saxons who ruled Europe from 456 A.D. to 1066 A.D. This ancestral calling tested my faith in an attempt to answer the universal questions; “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?” After reading this book, you may ask yourself those same questions and start your own journey for self. In a world that grows more complex everyday, it may be worth taking a look back. In the end, you may just find out who you are.
Christopher Emil Williams


Black Blue Bloods is now available! Buy now through Barnes & Noble or Amazon. It can also be found at Books A Million, Apple iBooks, and all other bookstores and e-book retailers worldwide.  Ask your local bookseller for a copy.

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